Wednesday, 16 July 2014

10 reasons for not using knowledge management (KM)

1.      Creativity and innovation are two of our company’s values, so re-inventing the wheel is all the rage around here.
2.      We do KM; we’ve already got [insert name of random IT system here].
3.      We’re so incredibly busy doing things adequately, we simply haven’t got time to learn how to do them better.
4.      Teamwork is one of our values, so having only a few people know how to do stuff forces people to work together.  Clever, huh?
5.      We’re having a re-organisation at the moment.
6.      Finding out what works and what doesn’t might mean asking tricky questions and we might not like the answers so we’re not going to do that.
7.      Things are fine just as they are, thank you.
8.      The HR department are under-valued, so making people redundant, then re-hiring them as contractors when we realise we need the knowledge that went with them, gives them something worthwhile to do.
9.      Internal competition helps us identify the best people/managers/teams; what’s more, learning to keep good practice to themselves ensures that, by the time they’re moving from middle to senior management, our best leaders have this down to a fine art.
10.   We had to learn the hard way and find out for ourselves where everything was and who you needed to speak to and what you needed to know and it didn’t do us any harm.

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