Friday, 28 March 2014

How on earth do we do KM? - Knoco KM Global Survey 2014

The Knoco Global Knowledge Management survey 2014 will gather data from companies with experience or aspirations in the KM field. The survey imposes no definition on the term "Knowledge Management" - if you say you are doing KM, you can take part.
Please take the survey if you can answer on behalf of an organisation (not a single person) of any size, sector or geography, which:
  • Is currently implementing Knowledge management,
  • Has already implemented Knowledge Management,
  • Is currently planning to implement Knowledge Management,
  • Has reviewed Knowledge Management and decided against it, or
  • Has tried to implement Knowledge Management in the past, but gave up. 

What you get from the survey

Filling in the survey will take you about half an hour. The survey has 50 core questions, then some optional detail on Communities of Practice, Lesson Learning and Best Practice development. In return we will email you a free copy of the survey report once all results are in. We expect this will be in late April or early May. We currently intend to sell the survey report to non-participants.
Your name, email and company name will not be shared with other participants, nor included in the final report, nor shared with third parties, nor added to the Knoco newsletter distribution list.

What the survey covers

The survey contains a number of sections:
  • A Demographics section, to capture data on company size, geography, industry sector and current KM status, to allow us to filter results to show how KM may vary with any of these parameters;
  • A Resources section, to gather data on KM investment in terms of KM team and budget;
  • A scope, focus and value section, to gather data on where people are focusing their KM activity, the value they have delivered to date, and from where that value has come;
  • A Technology section, to identify the most popular KM technologies and those that deliver the most value;
  • A processes section, to identify the most popular KM processes and those that deliver the most value;
  • A Governance and culture section, to look at barriers, enablers, metrics and incentives;
  • An optional section on Best Practices;
  • An optional section on Lessons Learned;
  • An optional section on Communities of Practice.

For more information on Knowledge Management (KM) and the services we provide, please visit the Knoco website.

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