Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year! 10 KM Resolutions

1.   Before starting a new piece of work, I will try to find out who has done it before.
2.   When things go off-track, I will encourage people to speak freely so we can do things better next time round.
3.   When finishing a piece of work, I will try to find who can benefit from what I’ve learned.
4.   As a leader, I will try to listen more.
5.   As a junior, I will try to be heard more.
6.   Before moving on, changing jobs or retiring, I will make time to hand over to my successor.
7.   I will write down a list of all those jobs that only I can do and start writing up procedures.
8.   As a leader, I need to know how things really are, so will let people be honest with me.
9.   As a junior, I need to tell it how it is, so will be honest with those above me.
10. I will never forget that I can always learn, from everything I do and everyone I meet.
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