Monday, 3 August 2015

10 things you've been doing wrong

I came across this little video online today, explaining how most of us have been doing some everyday tasks all wrong - or, rather, simply haven't cottoned on to smarter ways of doing them.

I reckon this is because many of us like to come up with the ideas ourselves, and don't like being told how to do anything, by anyone. Such attitudes are commonplace, and are often one of the reasons why knowledge management (KM) takes a while to catch on.

Wanting to create our own solutions to problems is an essential part of what makes us human but we can all think of examples where this approach is inappropriate, perhaps even dangerous.

Fancy learning how to handle a weapon? Mate, here's a rifle...crack on.

What's that? You want to operate the drilling equipment on an oil rig? Sure, fill your boots, sport.

Good KM implementation requires patience, energy and judgement - knowing when and where it's right to be creative and to 'empower learning' and when we simply have to follow current best practice. There are times and places for innovation and neither the rifle range or operational rig are one of them.

For a conversation about how to get the balance right between innovation and best practice, visit the Knoco website.


  1. Here's another one

  2. It is so unfortunate indeed that sometimes we do things in a rush without considering the consequences. In a case when you bought an appliance equipment, you just start using it without bothering reading the manual on how to use it just because you have the knowledge on how to use it or you have seen it with your friend using it. But to realize later that the appliance has some options that you didn't know about and to realize it when you break it. So its good to take your time to read the manual and how to use it rather than just hurry on using it