Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Get the right tools for the job here....

For the past year, we at Knoco have been helping an aerospace consortium to create a KM toolkit.

We ran a series of workshops, each covering a separate topic area, the output of which became a chapter for the toolkit.

The chapters are:

  • What is Knowledge Management and why do it?
  • Retaining Critical Skills
  • Building Best Practice
  • Learning from Projects
  • Enabling Collaboration
  • Finding and Structuring Knowledge 

The toolkit has now been published online and is available to download (for free) from the page at this link here.
Whilst the case-studies and context are drawn from the aerospace-industry, many of the issues discussed, and almost of the tools themselves, relate to all sectors.
Please take a look and, if you’d like to have a chat about the toolkit itself or knowledge management in general, do contact me direct or via the Knoco website.

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