Friday, 21 October 2016

8 signs that you're not managing your knowledge

Ever said or heard these phrases at work? 

1. “Why do we keep having to re-learn this?”
2. “How do I know where to find this knowledge?”
3. “Someone must have done this before - but who?”
4. “When that guy left, he took all that knowledge with him.”
5. “It was a complete fluke that I met Kathy – she had just the answer I was looking for!”
6. “I’m sure I heard someone mention that to me the other day, now who was it?”
7. “That went very well – how can we keep doing it like that?”
8. “We made this mistake in our other office as well.”

If so, they're usually a sign that knowledge isn't being managed effectively, if at all.

This means they're also a sign of wasted time, money and effort.

Perhaps they're also a sign of unnecessary risk to our colleagues or vital equipment. 

Can you think of any more?

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