Monday, 21 July 2014

10 things that a project manager that ‘gets’ KM will do after the project

1.      I recognise that I’ve just done finished something that, for me, was new.
2.      Who else will be doing this in the future? Who else will be working in this part of the world soon? Who else will be working with this client again?
3.      Do we have a Community of Practice (CoP) where people can share what they learn?
4.      Where are those people?  Can I speak to them?  If members of our project team leave the company, do we have an arrangement whereby we can call them back in, either for a meeting or two, or for longer, as an advisor?
5.      I’ve written my report, maintained a blog and updated a wiki with what we have learned. What communication channels are we going to use to make sure others engage with what we’ve learned?  Are there discussion forums for us to have Q&A sessions?
6.      Now that we’re done, who is going to interview me and my team?
7.      Where do all the lessons that we’ve captured need to go now? 
8.      Who can actually do something with the lessons?  Do we have a process for managing them?
9.      When do I get feedback on the lessons and notification that things have changed?
10.   Are we going to change things as a result of what we’ve learned?

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