Wednesday, 16 July 2014

10 things you need to know about project knowledge management (KM) plans

1.      A project team asks, “What knowledge do we need to manage this project?”
2.      Then, “What are the priority knowledge areas?”
3.      Then, crucially, “Where is that knowledge at the moment?”
4.      If it’s been written down, “Can we get access to it?”
5.      If it hasn’t, “Can we speak to the people who have it?”, “Where are they now?”, “Can they help us?”
6.      And then, “Who is responsible and accountable for KM on this project?”
7.      “What processes will we use to manage our knowledge on this project?”
8.      “What IT are we going to use to help us manage our knowledge on this project?”
9.      “How will we learn on this project?”
10.   “Who else can benefit from what we learn?” “Where are they now?” and so on….

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